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Oncology Dietitian Q&A Session $99

Why speak with one of our CNC Dietitians?

Because our Dietitians are Board Certified Specialists in Oncology Nutrition. They have deep knowledge and experience in all things related to cancer nutrition and are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the ever-changing body of oncology research. The CNC Oncology Q & A Session offers a quick & convenient way to obtain credible, evidence-based answers to your specific cancer nutrition questions.

How does this work? What should you expect?

It’s simple, you start by picking a date and time for your phone call or secure video session with one of our CNC Dietitians. We’ve allocated 30-minutes for the session. Prior to your call we will send you an intake form to fill out and ask that all patients do the CNC Critical Nutrition Screening. This will allow your Dietitian to review your current situation, questions and concerns in order to adequately prepare for your session. Depending on the complexity of your questions, your Dietitian may provide a follow-up email with helpful information after your call is complete.

Nutrition & Diet Screening Consultation $125

Why choose to work with an Oncology Dietitian on your screenings?

Our Dietitians will guide you through three separate and distinct screenings to assess your current nutritional state, quality of diet and supplement use. You will feel confident working directly with a CNC Dietitian that is specially trained in oncology nutrition. If you have already taken one or more of our screenings and are unsure about your results, put your mind at ease by scheduling a screening consultation today!

What if I scored a 2 or more on CNC’s free Critical Nutrition Screen?

A score of 2 or higher means you’re at risk for malnutrition and should seek advice and guidance from your healthcare team. If you are unsure of your results, have questions about the screening or simply need additional guidance, schedule a CNC Q&A Session or a Nutrition & Diet Screening Consultation Session with one of our Oncology Dietitians.

How does the Nutrition & Diet Screening Consultation work? What should I expect??

You start by picking a date and time to schedule your phone call or secure video session with a CNC Dietitian. We’ve allocated up to 45-minutes for the session. In preparation for this session we ask that all patients complete CNC’s three screenings: the (1) Critical Nutrition Screening, (2) Quality of Diet Screening and (3) Supplement Review. Completing these screening tools prior to your consult will allow your Oncology Dietitian to review your results with you and ask additional questions about your current situation. This will provide you with the most individualized recommendations. Depending on the complexity of your results, your Dietitian may provide a follow up email with helpful information after your call is complete.

Oncology Dietitian Comprehensive Assessment & Plan $225

Why is the CNC Comprehensive Assessment & Plan so Important?

You work directly with a Dietitian who is a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology to better understand how nutrition can impact a cancer diagnosis as well as how a cancer diagnosis can impact your nutrition. Dietitian inputs include an assessment and review of your results from our validated cancer nutrition screening, a review of your diet quality and any supplements you’re taking or thinking about. Your CNC Dietitian will present you with a detailed nutrition plan of action plus any relevant supporting materials to help keep you on the right track.

The Nutrition Care Process

Our Oncology Dietitians will be using the classic Nutrition Care Process when developing your personalized nutrition plan of action. This process provides a framework to customize your care and takes into account your individualized needs and values. CNC Dietitians use the most current evidence-based information and clinical insights throughout the entire preparation, review and development process.

How does this work and what to expect?

You start by picking a date and time to schedule either a phone call or secure video session with one of our CNC Dietitians. We’ve allocated 60-minutes for the initial session and another 30-minutes, at a later date, for a follow-up. Your Oncology Dietitian will send you a specific intake form to complete in preparation for your consult call or video chat. You can also feel free to complete our free screenings such as our Critical Nutrition Screening Tool and/or Quality of Diet Screening. Your assessment, plan and any additional documents will be shared with you in detail during the first session. This is “guided nutrition” at its best!