NET Nutrition

Why work with the CNC cancer care team?

Because CNC Dietitian, Leigh Anne, has an extensive amount of time and experience working as a clinician and educator in NET clinics, which has allowed her the opportunity to learn and grow in her understanding of the nutritional needs and nutritional challenges of NET patients. Leigh Anne has an in-depth knowledge of all things NET nutrition related and is dedicated to staying up-to-date on this ever-changing body of oncology research. The NET Nutrition Initial Assessment service can help patients better understand how nutrition can impact their NET cancer diagnosis as well as how a NET cancer diagnosis can impact their nutrition status. Leigh Anne will answer any questions you have about your NET diagnosis to keep you on the right track.

How does this work? What should you expect?

It’s simple! Start by selecting a date and time for your phone call or secure video session with Leigh Anne. We’ve allocated 30-minutes for this session. Prior to your session, our charting system will send an intake form to your email address. Please complete this intake form as it will allow your Dietitian to review your questions and concerns and adequately prepare for your session. If unable to address all your concerns within this 30-minute session, your Dietitian may recommend booking a follow-up session.

Book Initial Assessment @ $70